2016 Production Update

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Last month I announced that I would be halting all future orders in response to some of the issues that I have been wrestling with lately. The past couple of weeks have provided me with some new perspective on the challenges of growing the operation, and a renewed desire to continue pushing forward with it. In the past I have tried a couple of different approaches as to how the sales portion of the business is conducted. From day one I have always valued the interaction with my customers, discussing their needs, and ultimately building something specifically for them. As this continues to be a part time venture, it is subject to the ebb and flow of both my personal and professional life. This has, at times, made it very difficult and frustrating trying to keep orders and development projects on schedule. In an effort to provide the best possible customer experience I am shifting the sales approach from taking orders, to building and stocking ready to ship inventory. The hope is to provide my sanity a little breathing room and that customers who order a stock, can count on receiving it in a timely manner. The downsides are that sometimes there may be nothing in stock, and still other times I may not have what you are looking for. This change will provide me the flexibility to introduce some new products, as well as the freedom to take advantage of small batches of different materials, patterns, and colors. For example, I have a bunch of solid walnut stocks in the current batch, and some unique stratabond/spectraply stocks slated for the the next batch. Currently there are two new fourth generation stocks in production–a full sized and a proper junior variant. As stocks are completed, they’ll be individually photographed and posted on the website forsale. I will not be reserving stocks in progress for customers, taking deposits, or providing timelines. I am going to be working on getting the inventory for Savage retrofit sight kits back in stock in the future, still no ETA though, as the first products out the door will be the stocks already sold to customers. Thanks everyone!

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