Gen4 Stock Availability and Rear Sight Update!

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I know it’s been a little quiet lately, but all that’s about to change as there’s been lots going on in the shop. All of the stocks for outstanding customer orders have been completed. The Gen4 is adding a proper junior variant, with 12.25″-14″ Length of Pull adjustment, and reduced grip size.

Long overdue update for those looking to convert Savage MkII rifles for biathlon use. Dovetail rail specifically for fitting the most excellent Anschutz 6827 to the MkII rifles. Mounting pattern is the same as the previous rear sight base, so anyone with the TS1 setup can upgrade easily. Not yet available, but currently in production. Expected to be available in a couple weeks. Along with them, a new part that has been hard to source; T-nuts for Anschutz rails. These parts, along with other sight components that ESA makes will all be available through the online store.

With customer orders completed, work is finishing up on the first stocking run of G4 stocks and are planned to be available in the online store this month. I’m also excited to announce that colored birch laminate stocks are back! In fact, the second stocking run is already in production and indeed very colorful!