The ESA Biathlon rifle is new, improved, and $899

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With winter upon us production of the ESA/Savage rifles is in full swing. There have been some significant changes made to the rifles in the last seven months. For starters we are only building one rifle type now. It shall henceforth be know as the ESA Biathlon Rifle. All rifles will have the skeletonized buttstock with adjustable cheek piece and buttplate. Other standard features are a non adjustable forend support, improved blinder, and Izmash harness, sling, and cuff. All rifles now come standard with magnetic magazine retention and stocks are being fitted with aluminum pillars. Customers can now choose between blued steel magazines and stainless for no charge. The new price for the ESA Biathlon rifle is $899. Optional items include Altius harnesses and slings, Core sport cuffs, and case.

Regarding colors. For the ESA Biathlon rifles, standard pricing is limited to colors in stock. If you want a solid hardwood or a color not in stock, it will be treated as a custom order and priced accordingly.

One of the first things people notice about the ESA Biathlon rifle is the weight, so I am frequently asked whether or not they meet the minimum weight of 3.5kg. The answer is yes. All rifles are designed meet the IBU material specifications for competition equipment. They are one of the lightest biathlon rifles available with most weighing under 3.6kg.

The second question I get a lot is regarding cold weather performance. While the factory Savage barrels perform exceptionally well, no claims of cold weather performance are being made.

Other frequently asked questions:

Q. Do you have a left handed version?
A. It is in the works and should be available Spring 2012

Q. Can I order the stock and finish it myself?
A. Yes. Contact for pricing.

Q. Are snow sights available for the ESA Biathlon rifles?
A. No, it is something we are working on but have no time frame yet.

Q. Do you do volume discounts for clubs?
A. Yes, but I also recommend clubs purchase their rifles from The Civilian Marksmanship Program as you can secure Savage MKII-FVT’s (our preferred rifle for biathlon conversion) for a mere $238. When later combined with the ESA Biathlon stocks you’ll end up saving over $100 per rifle on top of the group discount. More information HERE.