Gen3 Update: G3R Butt Assembly Details

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Feast your eyes upon the G3R butt assembly. As you can see from the preproduction photos in the previous post, this assembly is cleanly inletted into the stock and houses the adjustment rods internal to the stock itself. Retention of the assembly is provided by four screws. For the benefit of this “detailed” look, the assembly has been removed from the stock. Adjustments for length of pull (13-15” LOP), positive and negative canting, and vertical positioning of the plate are made by loosening the four 6-32 screws with a supplied 7/64″ allen wrench. There are a number of threaded holes in the plate which provide variety of placement options for the three different sized butthooks which will come supplied with the stock (currently planning on supplying 1x small, 2x medium, and 1x large). Attachemnt of the hooks is again via 6-32 screws, allowing the single allen key to be used for all adjustments to the assembly. The number of attachment holes will probably decrease in the final production pieces, but for keeping options open was a priority. Currently the hooks are being 3D printed, however that should be transitioning to another solution before product release.