Going green & Rutland Fire

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Sixty days since the last post? Yup.

There’s going to be lots to talk about very shortly (see announcements below).

First things first, some significant changes due to industry dynamics.

Some bad news that we just heard about while trying to place a restock order last month. If you have your heart set on a stratabond stock, better order now as we’re not going to see anymore for a long time. The mill that manufactured stratabond burned to the ground. What does this mean going forward? We have material for every committed order, but are starting to run low on some colors (already out of stock on brown). There is another manufacturer of a similar product, but because they’re now shouldering the demand from Rutland as well, pricing and lead times are making it prohibitive.

As always though, “We can build you a G3R from almost any combination of wood though, either laminated (typically 3 or 5 pieces symmetrically laminated) or solid. Typical choices are, but not limited to: walnut, cherry, and maple. You must contact us directly to discuss the construction and ordering of a custom stock. Pricing estimates using standard grade lumber for laminates (three or five piece) will be +$125 and solids +$150. These prices are to be used as an estimate only and are subject to change depending on grade of wood, availability, and market rates.”

1. Final designs for G3R and G3C are done and production samples being completed!
2. Subassembly production parts expected to start showing up by the end of the month!
3. There’s a new member of the Gen3 family!
4. In light of the Rutland fire, Eastern Sierra Armory is going green with our new stock material!
5. Pretty much new everything with the G3C, including new lower price!
6. An affordable North American rifle for youth biathletes? Challenge accepted. If you have a club we’ll show you how to get the most bang for your buck with the G3C!
7. Mammoth Biathlon!
8. Exclamation marks for everything!