Eastern Sierra Armory specializes in biathlon related goods and services. We are no longer ordering, transferring, or servicing firearms or other federally regulated items.


Biathlon Stocks

Building on the design and success of the Gen3 biathlon stocks, the Gen4 series is Eastern Sierra Armory’s flagship product and has been designed to meet the needs of athletes in the highest levels of competition. The Gen4 stocks are available in a full size (13″-15″ length of pull) and junior (12″-13.5″ length of pull). Additionally, the junior sized stocks feature a reduced grip size and trigger reach. Gen4 stocks utilize the same butt assembly as the Gen3 that is cleanly integrated with the stock and houses the adjustment rods completely within the stocks itself. Additional adjustment options in the butt assembly provide positive and negative canting, and vertical positioning of the plate are made by loosening the four 6-32 screws with a supplied 7/64″ allen wrench. There are a number of threaded holes in the plate which provide variety of placement options for the two different sized butthooks which will come supplied with the stock (two of each size). Attachment of the hooks is again via 6-32 screws, allowing the single allen key to be used for all adjustments to the assembly. In addition to the butt assembly tools and accessories, the stocks also include spacers for the adjustable comb, Anschutz type prone and harness rails installed in the stock, integral magazine retention, integral spare round capacity, and full pillars. All other accessories are sold separately.

Gen4 stocks are available for Savage MkII, Anschutz 1427/1827/Fortner, and Izhmash rifles in both left and right hand.
Lead time is variable, but currently one should anticipate 16-20 weeks for your build. A 50% deposit will be required for your stock at the time of order, and full payment within 30 days of it being completed.

Occasionally we have stocks on hand in a nearly finished condition. This reduces your order time significantly.

Snow Sights
Long overdue update for those looking to convert Savage MkII rifles for biathlon use. Dovetail rail specifically for the Anschutz 6827 to the MkII rifles. Mounting pattern is the same as the previous rear sight base, so anyone with the TS1 setup can upgrade easily.

We also manufacturer a front sight base that adapts the Williams globe sight found on the Savage MkII FVT to any heavy barreled Savage MkII. It include all mounting hardware and a snow cover.

Bamboo Stocks $849
Laminated Birch Stocks (formerly Stratabond) $949
Multi-piece hardwood, solid hardwood (typically Maple or Walnut) Stocks $1049
Front & Rear Sight Kit $84.00
Rear Rail Kit $36.00
Front Sight Kit $54.75

How to Order
Due to the number of options when ordering a stock I prefer to hear from potential customers. If you prefer to talk to me about what you’re looking for, you can call (877)-556-7262 and leave a message and I’ll get back to you, or email sales (at) and I can call you back. We can also discuss through email. If you’re on Facebook, feel free to send a message there as well.

Eastern Sierra Armory no longer sells unfinished stocks or custom stocks of any kind.

Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 stocks have been discontinued.